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How to get certified

Ready to get started? We’ve been told the process is rigorous yet highly efficient.

1. Introduction

Explore member benefits in a short 20-minute call. If you’re interested in proceeding, we can dive right in with a 45-minute demo.

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2. Certification

Apply by filling out a certification questionnaire. This typically takes 1-2 hours.

3. Kickoff

Meet your dedicated Membership Manager and discuss your priorities. Learn how the Member Platform works and create your annual communications plan.

4. Ongoing

Get ongoing support—stay on track with project reminders, webinars, and regular contact with your Membership Manager.

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Does your business meet the certification standards?

  • Ownership: At least 30% of your company must be employee-owned (excluding founders).
  • Access: Every employee must have reasonable access to ownership.
  • Concentration: Employee-owned shares can’t be over-concentrated.

Just 1 in 200 U.S. businesses qualify for Certified Employee-Owned membership.

Their sample toolkit worksheets and webinars have been tremendously helpful in strengthening our Employee Ownership culture from internal communications, recruiting, social media, and marketing.

We are proud to display the 100% Employee-Owned Certification Mark.

Chad Raisland

Billings Office Manager

Ready to be Certified?

Take advantage of all the benefits of becoming a Certified Employee-Owned member.

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Stand out as a great employee-owned company

Amplify Your Voice

Becoming a Certified Employee-Owned Member helps you amplify your voice in a business community that’s focused on creating a stronger economy for Americans—one where employee ownership is front and center.

Get certified and make a positive impact on your employee-owners and within your local community.

Engage Your Employee-Owners

Increase engagement and focus from your employee-owners by helping them understand what it means to think, act and benefit like an owner

Leverage Ready-to-Use Tools

Save time and resources with training, recruitment, and communication tools. Already proven at other EO companies—no need to reinvent the wheel.

Attract Better Talent

Recruit job seekers who fit with an ownership culture

Reduce Turnover

Educate employee-owners on the long-term wealth-building potential of ownership

Benefits of Membership

Get dedicated support as you create a culture of ownership. Members have exclusive access to communication tools and a comprehensive playbook. Be part of a nationwide network to help your people think and act like owners.

  • Be recognized with the Certified Employee- Owned mark
  • Educational tools and handouts
  • Wealth Calculator
  • Responsive support
  • The Certified EO Playbook
  • Connect with members in your industry and state
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