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Changing the relationship between the company and employee

Employee ownership creates life changing wealth for workers while increasing trust, respect and job stability. Employee-owned companies benefit from higher productivity, growth, and engagement.

Employee ownership is a win-win that is transforming the American economy.

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Certification helps companies unlock the competitive advantages of employee ownership. By setting a standard that people know and trust, we are amplifying the voice of our Members and building support for employee ownership.

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Bring our proven tools and playbook to your organization to increase engagement and retention. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Leverage 50+ customizable handouts, infographics, games, and an interactive wealth calculator.

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Our employee and recruitment communications wouldn’t be what they are without the content from Certified EO. They are constantly putting out new information and the look of it is fresh and appealing. We are grateful for all of the help they have given us in the past two years. Our transition to an ESOP and communicating about it would have been much more difficult without their support. It is great to work with a responsive partner like Certified EO.

Karen Boyle

VP Human Resources

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Stay in the Know

Get news and information about the growing employee ownership community.