11 of the 100 Largest Private Companies in America are Employee-Owned

Thomas Dudley





Forbes curates a number of interesting lists, among them a list of the largest private companies in America. Today I was looking through this list and thought: how many of these companies are employee-owned?

Using our new Directory, I found that 11 of the 100 largest private companies on the Forbes list are likely to be employee-owned.

Two of them are Certified EO Members:

  • #23 Wawa
  • #53 WinCo Foods

Nine others have a broad-based ownership program that, to the best of our knowledge, owns at least 30% of the company:

  • #5 Publix Super Markets
  • #55 Graybar Electric
  • #73 Sammons Enterprises
  • #74 Hensel Phelps Construction
  • #86 Schreiber Foods
  • #94 McCarthy Holdings
  • #96 Swinerton
  • #97 Kehe Distributors

The fact that over 10% of the largest private companies in America are employee-owned is a powerful proof point that employee ownership works! The question for those of us that want to see employee ownership grow is: what would it take to get this number from 11 to 50?