We are building an employee-owned economy

We are building a future where employee-owned companies are a mainstay of the American economy, where the benefits of employee ownership are widely recognized, and where being employee-owned is seen as one of the defining aspects of a great business.

In this future, employee-owned companies will be the employer of choice for millions of job seekers and being employee-owned will be a major differentiator with clients and consumers. “Employee-owned” will be synonymous with high-quality products, great customer service, and well-paying, stable jobs.

State and local governments will understand that employee-owned companies are tied to local communities in ways that strengthen local economies. Employee-owners and employee-owned companies will identify as being part of a common movement and will work together to build the employee-owned economy.

We are creating national recognition for employee ownership. We are working directly with employee-owned companies to provide them the tools and a playbook that they need to engage their employee-owners and stand out with clients and job seekers.
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Our Team
Shelly Dennis
Shelly founded her own business management company and spent nearly a decade partnering with employee-owned companies and service providers across the country. After championing the cause for years, it took less than a year away from the EO space for Shelly to realize her skills, her expertise and her heart belonged to furthering the mission of growing an employee-owned economy.
Shelly Dennis
Membership Manager
Thomas Dudley
Thomas is a passionate advocate for employee-owned companies. He leads recruitment for Certified EO and works closely with members. Thomas co-founded Certified EO while working on a PhD in Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Thomas graduated from Stanford University with an M.S. in Statistics and the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Mathematics.
Thomas Dudley
Adrienne Gehan
As part of the Membership Team, Adrienne produces positive experiences for members. She is a graphic designer that has previously worked with non-profits around the world, and uses her background to create meaningful products for current and prospective employee-owners. Adrienne graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Art History and History and the Art Institute of San Francisco with a degree in graphic design.
Adrienne Gehan
Senior Director of Program
Zarin Kresge
Zarin is excited to help grow the employee ownership community and build national recognition for this unique business model. Before joining the Certified EO team, Zarin was the Executive Director of Community Thrift Store, a nonprofit in San Francisco. Zarin discovered the power of EO while completing his MBA. Zarin graduated from Presidio Graduate School with an MBA in Sustainability and University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Marine Biology.
Zarin Kresge
Director of Recruitment
Randy Mueller
Randy works directly with Certified EO's members to deepen their engagement with employee ownership. Previously, Randy worked in community development finance and underwrote loans for affordable housing projects and small businesses. He currently serves as an advisor for One Up Action, a nonprofit that supports youth climate activists. Randy received his B.S. from Fordham University, and as an undergraduate he worked as a fellow with the university’s social innovation hub.
Randy Mueller
Membership Manager
Amara Rogers
Amara is devoted to building the community of employee owned companies and providing the best experience for our members. Prior to joining Certified EO, Amara built, developed and managed talent acquisition teams from staffing firms to startups and SMB companies. Her experience in those roles has enabled her to be highly strategic, analytical and process-driven. Amara enjoys mud runs, gardening, cooking and baking, BBQ’ing, sitting by her Koi pond and spending time with family, friends and her 5 grandbabies.
Amara Rogers
VP of Membership
Kramer Sharp
Kramer uses his software engineering background to lead technical and operational projects for Certified EO. He co-founded Certified EO after Thomas introduced him to the concept of employee ownership and realized finding and supporting EO companies was too difficult. Kramer graduated from the University of Virginia with an M.S. in Management of Information Technology, a B.A. in Computer Science, and a B.A. in Economics.
Kramer Sharp
Nina Stender
Nina is committed to building an economically just society. As part of the Certified EO membership team, Nina works directly with members to determine and address their specific needs. Previously, Nina led operations and planning for a community-based organization in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Her experience there in developing a childcare worker co-op shaped her belief in employee ownership as a means to creating economic opportunity and community resiliency. Nina graduated from Wesleyan University, CT with a B.A. in the multidisciplinary College of Social Studies, with concentrations in Political Economy and International Politics. In 2018, Nina served as a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs in New York City.
Nina Stender
Membership Manager
Breanne Velasquez
Breanne works hard but tries not to take herself too seriously. She would have been a Neuroscientist if it weren’t for that whole math and science thing. So instead, she became a designer to get into peoples heads. It’s not that surprising when you find out her two favorite subjects are Art and Psychology. She is passionate about using design to make a more compassionate and empathetic world. Breanne graduated with a B.A in Graphic Design from San Jose State University.
Breanne Velasquez
Graphic Designer

  • Camille Kerr
    Founder & Principal of Upside Down Consulting
  • Chris Michael
    Founder of EOT Advisors
  • Corey Rosen
    Founder of NCEO
  • Gellert Dornay
    Founder of Axia Home Loans
  • Halisi Vinson
    Former Executive Director of RMCEO
  • Martin Staubus
    Executive Director of Beyster Institute
  • Melissa Hoover
    Founding Executive Director of Democracy at Work Institute
  • Monica Bannan
    Product at Google
  • Richard Freeman
    Herbert Ascherman Chair in Economics at Harvard University