About Certification

Purpose & Vision

Certified EO is building a voice for employee ownership. We are uniting employee-owned companies with a common brand that will raise national awareness of employee ownership and provide a source of differentiation for our members.

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More likely to buy Certified EO
more likely to apply for a Certified EO job
27 million
Americans strongly support EO

Use the Certified EO mark to attract customers and recruit top talent. Put the mark on your products, your ads, your website, and your job applications. Third party certification signals credibility and ensures consistency.


Certified companies have access to marketing toolkits to help them quickly and successfully use EO as a competitive differentiator. We are constantly updating our tools based on cutting-edge, proprietary research including surveys, opinion polling, and best practices.

National Movement

We are organizing employee-owned companies around a consistent brand promoting employee ownership. When our voices are unified and combined, our combined impact is much greater than our individual voices.

Internal Communications

Use Certified EO to reinforce internal communications around employee ownership. Energize your employee-owners by connecting to a national movement.

Member Discounts

Gain access to great deals we have negotiated with top suppliers using $60 billion in collective spend.

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Up to 60% off 1,200 contract items

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Average discount of 22% on monthly fees (can be passed along to employees)

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Average savings of 38% off express, ground, and international



Rigorous and efficient certification process that takes fewer than 10 hours to complete. Main activity is filling out a questionnaire to verify company meets Certified EO criteria (3-4 hours)


  • Ownership

    The company must be at least 30% owned by an ownership program

  • Access

    Meaningful access to the program must be open to all employees

  • Concentration

    Ownership in the program cannot be too concentrated

Additional certifications for Majority EO (>50%) and 100% EO companies.

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Certified (30%)

Majority eo small black

Majority (51%)

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We have a strong team and an advisory board with more than 125 years of collective employee ownership experience.

Certified EO is run by Ownership Alliance, a public benefit corporation that promotes fair and just forms of ownership of economic organizations.

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