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Cutting edge research about EO.

Messaging EO to Millennials Webinar

Members only

Dec 14, 2017

Attracting and engaging young talent is critical for businesses in every industry. Yet, the most common issue mentioned by EO companies is a difficultly getting Millennials excited about employee ownership. Employee ownership seems like an idea that should resonate with a generation focused on meaning and purpose at work, so what is going wrong? This webinar covers ideas and tactics for engaging Millennials with EO with an emphasis on recruitment and internal communications.

The Basics of Leveraging EO as a Differentiator

Members only

October 31, 2017

This webinar will cover the basics of leveraging EO as a differentiator in marketing and recruitment. We will discuss:

  1. A general framework for identifying ways that EO can be used to enhance your brand with customers and job seekers
  2. Best practices and examples from members
  3. What you need to know from our research - general support, demographics, and messages that resonate

This presentation will also direct attendees to Certified EO member resources that can be used to learn more.