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Cutting edge research about EO.

Messaging EO to Millennials Webinar

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Attracting and engaging young talent is critical for businesses in every industry. Yet, the most common issue mentioned by EO companies is a difficultly getting Millennials excited about employee ownership. Employee ownership seems like an idea that should resonate with a generation focused on meaning and purpose at work, so what is going wrong? This webinar covers ideas and tactics for engaging Millennials with EO with an emphasis on recruitment and internal communications.

Personalize Your EO Wealth Calculator Webinar

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In this webinar we show you how to personalize and roll-out your own EO wealth calculator in less than 30 minutes. It’s hard for employee-owners to grasp the wealth building potential of employee ownership. Time frames are long. Compound interest is abstract. It can take people years to get it. To help you make EO real for people, we created an easily customizable wealth calculator. This interactive tool lets employee-owners play with inputs in real-time to see what years of wealth building looks like today.

Enhancing Employee-Owner Buy In

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Employee ownership is great for employee-owners. But EO is not a mainstream idea and, as a result, the advantages of EO are not understood by many Americans. Worse, some of the people who do not understand EO currently work for employee-owned companies. Without a thoughtful plan for educating employees on how EO works and why it sets you apart, it’s easy for your employee-owners to overlook the benefits.

This webinar provides an overview of a new toolkit from Certified EO designed to help you increase your employee-owners’ engagement by driving a clear and consistent understanding of what EO is and why it matters. We will discuss the challenge facing EO companies, how to create a short document that captures what EO means at your company, and how to implement a comprehensive plan for messaging EO internally.

Starting From Scratch: The Essentials of EO Communications

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This webinar explores the fundamentals of EO communications. Given limited time and resources, what are the most important things to say? What are the essential activities? What are the must-have handouts and presentations?

It can be difficult to know where to start and the stakes are high. The investment in EO is large, the subject is complex, and you're starting from scratch with every new employee-owner.

While understanding the fundamentals is essential for companies new to employee ownership, a review of the basics can also be helpful for mature EO companies.

Onboarding 101

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Make your next onboarding process easier! Our new onboarding deck helps you show employee owners what EO means with clear messages, compelling images and financial impact examples.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • How to customize our new Onboarding Slide Deck
  • What to highlight in order to increase engagement from the start
  • How to easily create slides that illustrate your ESOP's value to new hires, ultimately to reduce turnover

What Do Americans Think About Employee Ownership?

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In this webinar we will help you understand public opinion about employee ownership including:

  • Do job seekers and consumers care?
  • Why do people want to support EO companies?
  • How does support vary with demographics and geography?

The answers to these questions are based on our original work surveying over 15,000 Americans.