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Cutting edge research about EO.

Consumer Interest in Shopping Employee-Owned

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This study analyzes a nationally-representative survey of American internet users and finds strong consumer interest in employee ownership. Results indicate that 35%-40% of Americans are more likely to buy a product bearing the Certified EO mark, and 48% of consumers are willing to pay a price premium for Certified EO products and services. Looking at the most enthusiastic respondents, we estimate that 11% of the population – approximately 27 million Americans – are extremely passionate about employee ownership.

Further, we find evidence that favorable attitudes towards employee ownership will translate into real-world behaviors. By testing other socially responsible brands, we find that consumers report as much interest in Certified EO as Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic. Bench marking against the real-world effects of Fair Trade, consumer interest in Certified EO could translate into increases in sales of 10% and price premiums of 9% - 23%. This represents a significant opportunity for EO companies.

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How Companies Use Employee Ownership Externally

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This study analyzes the websites of a representative sample of employee-owned companies to understand how companies use employee ownership in external communications. The most striking finding is that 49% of companies studied made no mention of employee ownership or related phrases anywhere on their website. Further, just 11% of companies are strong users of employee ownership in their external communications. Additional analyses explore how and where employee ownership is used, and what types of companies are more likely to use it. Overall, we find that today few companies are using employee ownership as a major piece of their external communications strategy, despite favorable public opinion of EO. This suggests a major opportunity for employee-owned companies to improve their external communications by integrating messages about employee ownership.
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The Company Perspective on Communicating EO

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There is an interesting puzzle when it comes to employee ownership and communications – public opinion studies find Americans are more likely to buy EO products and apply to jobs at EO companies, yet just one in ten employee-owned companies makes EO a major part of their external communication strategy. If employee ownership resonates with Americans, why don’t more companies mention it? To answer this question, we conducted 75 in-depth interviews with employee-owned companies to understand how they feel about EO as a differentiator, how they’re using EO in their messaging, and what they could be doing better. We found that most companies are just beginning to think about using EO in their external communications; it’s an emerging idea. Companies see the value in communicating EO, but they’re still learning how to do it effectively. As of today, there are no established best practices, but what follows is the start of a playbook for marketing and recruiting with employee ownership.