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Creating Engaging Messages About Employee Ownership

How many of your employee-owners truly understand what employee ownership means? While employee ownership represents a better approach to business and an incredible opportunity for your employee-owners, it is also a new idea that is unfamiliar to many. As an employee-owned company, you must create compelling language that helps your people see what employee ownership is all about. This webinar will help you craft messages that will strengthen your ownership culture.

Communicating the Financial Impact of Employee Ownership

Being an employee-owner is a great financial opportunity that can help your people build wealth, but it's not going to make them rich over night. How do you help people see what 10 or 20 years of wealth building means to them in the present day? This webinar will explain how to make the long-term financial impact clear to your employee-owners today.

Building and Sustaining Your Employee Ownership Committee

The # 1 best practice for building a culture of ownership is having a great EO Communications Committee. There no substitute for a dedicated group of champions driving engagement with employee ownership. This webinar will cover everything you need to know about creating and sustaining an effective EO Communications Committee, including profiles from members and what committee members need to know to be successful.

Build (or Refresh) Your EO Communications Plan for 2020

A new year means a fresh chance to engage your employee-owners. Do you have a plan to drive monthly EO communications in 2020? This webinar will help you create (or refresh) a communications plan for building ownership culture in the coming year. We will discuss popular educational themes, help you identify major touchpoints, and share best practices for direct contact so that you can increase employee engagement in 2020.

Rights & Responsibilities: Helping Employee-Owners See How They Can Have an Impact

What exactly does it mean to be an employee-owner at an individual level? How can just one person improve your company's bottom line? Lack of clarity on these questions can be a major roadblock to having engaged employee-owners. This webinar will focus on how you can help your employee-owners see how they can have an impact.

Leveraging EO as a Differentiator

Employee ownership is an innovative approach to business that has advantages for business partners, job seekers, consumers, and your community. But it's also a new idea that many people aren't familiar with. Being employee-owned can set you apart, but how can you message employee ownership to external audiences in ways that will resonate? This webinar will help you leverage EO as a differentiator and create a strategic advantage for your company.

Creating an Environment for Employees to Think and Act Like Owners

Employees who think and act like owners can have a huge impact on your organization. But how do you create an environment where ownership translates into actual behavioral changes? This webinar will cover how you can create an environment where employees think and act like owners, including an in-depth look at how this works at member Harpoon Brewery.

What to do for Employee Ownership Month

Did you know that October is Employee Ownership Month? This is a once-a-year opportunity to highlight how employee ownership makes you stand out, recognize great employee-owners, and connect your company to the larger EO movement. This webinar will help give you ideas and tools to help you make the most of EO Month this October.

Reduce Turnover and Accelerate Buy-In with Onboarding

It can take up to two years for a new employee-owner to see a direct financial benefit from ownership. On-boarding new employee-owners is critical so that they see the value in ownership from day one, not years down the road. This webinar will give you the tools you need to create an onboarding process that will increase buy-in and reduce turnover.

Common Misconceptions and How to Address Them

When you tell someone at your company that they're an employee-owner, what do they hear? Does that mean they don’t have a boss or they can set their own hours? Misconceptions about employee ownership are more common than you might think. This webinar will walk you through the most common misconceptions and how to address them with your employee-owners.

Starting From Scratch: The Essentials of EO Communications

There’s a lot at stake with employee ownership. The investment is large, the benefit is long-term, and you’re starting from scratch with every new employee-owner. Given limited time and resources, what are the most important things to say? What are the essential activities? What are the must-have handouts? This webinar will help you get started with the basics of EO Communications.

Attracting Great Employee-Owners

Employee ownership represents a major opportunity for job seekers, but how many people in America truly understand the benefits of being an employee-owner? As an employee-owned company, you have a secret weapon for attracting great talent but you must use it carefully to see the benefits. This webinar will help you see how employee ownership can be a vital tool in recruitment.

Putting the Social in Social Media: Using Tech to Advance EO Culture

We break down why you should care about social media, how to use it to increase engagement among your employee-owners and some common pitfalls to avoid. Not only that, but there will also be top tips to engage customers, whether you are B2B or B2C company. We'll ground this webinar in real-world examples and an easy to understand breakdown of the basics. All your questions, from "what is a hashtag?" to "how to optimize across platforms" will be addressed.

Building Ownership Culture Across Multiple Locations

The communications challenges facing employee-owned businesses are even harder with a distributed workforce. Whether you have two locations or two thousand, you need a strategy to make sure all your employee-owners are bought in. This webinar will give you practical tools and tips from Certified EO members on how to shrink distance and build ownership culture across all your locations.

Messaging EO to Millennials Webinar

Attracting and engaging young talent is critical for businesses in every industry. Yet, one of the most common issues mentioned by EO companies is a difficultly getting Millennials excited about employee ownership. Employee ownership seems like an idea that should resonate with a generation focused on meaning and purpose at work, so what is going wrong? This webinar covers ideas and tactics for engaging Millennials with EO with an emphasis on recruitment and internal communications.

What Do Americans Think About Employee Ownership?

In this webinar we will help you understand public opinion about employee ownership including:

  • Do job seekers and consumers care?
  • Why do people want to support EO companies?
  • How does support vary with demographics and geography?

The answers to these questions are based on our original work surveying over 15,000 Americans.

Member Portal Tour

We have recently made a few updates to the Member Portal. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll walk through some of the newest features and answer any questions you or your committee may have.