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    The idea behind SC&H Group was drawn up 25 years ago on the back of a napkin in a Baltimore restaurant. What resulted was the creation of a firm built upon the belief that talented, driven, and dedicated individuals could produce work so extraordinary it would have meaningful impact on their clients’ businesses.

    Today, with more than 250 employees SC&H Group has a strong foothold in the Mid-Atlantic, a client base including some of the largest brands in the world, and a client approval rating nearly five-times the industry average. The firm achieved a Net Promoter Score – a client loyalty metric – of 84.4%, a world-class rating of client satisfaction.

    Our leadership team recognized early on we had to offer an array of services to meet growing client needs, so we began systematically molding the firm into a diversified consultancy with expertise in practices that not only included Audit and Tax, but investment banking and valuation advisory, wealth management, and Technology Advisory. We moved strategically to partner with companies that offered some of the most powerful management tools and applications available to help solve clients’ problems.


    100% Employee-Owned