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    NWESI has been a leader in the industry, providing engineering services supplemental to design and installation that ensure high performance building systems become reality. Our goal is to optimize facility performance, comfort, and energy efficiency.  Our many, long-term clients affirm the value we provide.

    We work in a wide variety of facilities, and are experienced with all types of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.  Our staff members use solid engineering principles, in-depth knowledge of systems gained from hands-on experience, and an ability to work cooperatively with project team members to properly test, validate, and optimize building systems.  We specialize in projects with a high degree of complexity which require a comprehensive understanding of systems interaction and their application to specific facility types.

    Serving both new construction and existing building markets, we identify solutions early to keep projects on target.  We work daily with owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and facilities teams, combining the benefits of occupant health and comfort, energy efficiency, and facilities maintainability into comprehensive whole building commissioning.  What sets NWESI apart from other engineering firms is our ability to bring together hands-on expertise with HVAC systems and energy usage, to ensure buildings operate as designed and owners get what they paid for.


    100% Employee-Owned