Newport Restaurant Group

An employee-owned company

Warwick, RI

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    Newport Restaurant Group creates memorable experiences for our guests by blending thoughtful food with world-class hospitality in striking locations. There’s a palpable energy at every restaurant; our environment fosters strong bonds among our team members, sparks a genuine connection with our guests, and celebrates our love of food.

    As one of the largest supporters of local food in the state, we use the highest-quality ingredients available. Our talented chefs craft menus based on in-season produce and sustainable farming and fishing methods that are good for our environment. 

    Each restaurant is a unique reflection of its spectacular surroundings, and our team is dedicated to making every experience warm and memorable for both loyal guests and first-time visitors. The result is a vibrant, energetic atmosphere that encourages laughter, conversation, relaxation and celebration. We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for our food and culture with you soon!


    100% Employee-Owned