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Metcalf Archaeological Consultants

Lakewood, CO

Heritage (Cultural) Resources Management

Beyond Compliance


Metcalf Archeological Consultants, Inc. (Metcalf) is a cultural resources management firm with more than 30 years of experience providing archaeological services in the Rocky Mountains, Eastern Great Basin, and Central and Northern Great Plains. Metcalf conducts all phases of the cultural resources compliance process – file searches, inventory, testing, mitigation, construction monitoring, laboratory analysis and artifact curation, report production, and tribal consultation. We have the professional staff and experience to ensure that your project(s) comply with all federal, state, tribal, and local cultural resource laws, regulations, and requirements. With multiple offices in three states, technical staff can quickly mobilize for projects in a large geographical area. Metcalf maintains memberships in various professional organizations, both at the corporate and employee level, such as the American Cultural Resource Association (ACRA) and Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA)

Metcalf built its reputation by providing expert solutions and responsive service designed to meet clients' needs. We pride ourselves on offering these services in a timely and professional manner at a competitive cost. Applying over 30 years of experience working with clients in the energy, transportation, telecommunication and other industries, we can meet diverse client needs in an efficient manner.

The company is 100% employee-owned through the structure of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Every employee-owner takes pride in our history, advances our mission, and demonstrates our dedication to providing the greatest value to our clients, agency partners, and the community. The ESOP structure creates an individual benefit tied directly to the success of our company, adding greater incentive for our staff to excel in meeting the needs of every stakeholder and partner.


100% Employee-Owned