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    McDantim, Inc. has specialized in on-site gas blending since 1988 with over 200,000 Trumix® systems around the world.  The corporation is based in Helena, Montana with a sister company, BSL Gas Technologies Limited, in Rochester, Kent, England.

    Trumix® Blenders are a unique design approach to blending on-site and offer value to the entire gas management system. We have two distinct product lines the Beverage Series and the Industrial Series. Trumix® Blenders are factory pre-set to the blend(s) you specify. This prevents unauthorized people from making unnecessary changes to the blend(s) away from your company s standards. We guarantee our Trumix® Blenders to be accurate within +/- 10% of minor component or 2% of full scale. If either gas supply fails, the Trumix® Blender will automatically shut off all gas flow through the outlets, thereby assuring the quality of your product and the accuracy of the blend. Trumix® Blenders do not require electricity, floor space or storage tanks. 


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