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    We've been baking the highest quality ice cream conessince 1918 and are now the largest cone company in the world. Family ties, attention to detail, and old-fashioned quality are the ingredients that make our cones the best cones in the world.

    Our philosophy is to make our product better than any other company does. Ice cream cones are that product. First of all, we have developed our own cone ovens which are built right here in our plant. We use a time-tested family recipe that has been passed from one generation to the next. We pay close attention to every detail of mixing the batter, baking the cones, and then packaging them. Even in the fast-paced, automated world of today, we rely on personal attention to ensure quality.

    Getting our cones to market quickly and efficiently is important. That's why we own and operate our own fleet of trucks. It ensures that our cones are handled properly from the time they leave the plant until they arrive at their destination. Yes, it costs us a little more to do this, but the results are worth it. We have a reliable delivery system and almost no breakage.


    100% Employee-Owned