Aurora, IL


Gripple is the market leader of wire joiners and tensioners and wire-rope hangers, designed to suit a whole range of applications across the agricultural and construction markets.

We are market-leading producers of wire joiners & tensioners, & wire rope suspension systems, servicing the following markets: Building Services, Viticulture, Orchards & Fencing, Seismic Bracing & Blast Protection, and Civil Construction. 

Through our business employee ownership model (we reached 100% employee ownership in 2013), we put people at the beating heart of all we do & broke new ground when employees voted on the appointment of the company’s new Managing Director last year. GLIDE - (Growth Led Innovation Driven Employee Company) the trust established to represent the interests of the company’s shareholders – gives employees a vote & a say in the direction of the business which has helped to create a culture of empowered ownership. After a year with the business, our people are expected to purchase £1000 worth of shares. All shareholders are represented by the GLIDE board. Irrespective of how many shares they have, it is one member, one vote on GLIDE matters. 


100% Employee-Owned