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GO2 Partners

Des Plaines, IL

Marketing and Advertising

We are your trusted partner for business communication solutions, delivering each one of your projects on time, on target and on budget.


GO2 Partners, formerly Print Management Partners, was founded in 1995. Our goal was to create an employee-owned company that offered superior customer service to our clients and a profitable, fulfilling workplace for our employees. Today, we are 100% owned by our employees and continue to grow in size and profitability — we are currently one of the largest print distributors in the U.S., with offices in Des Plaines, IL; Oak Brook, IL; Twinsburg, OH; Columbus, OH; Kansas City, KS; Fort Scott, KS; St. Louis, MO; and Des Moines, IA.

As the printing industry has evolved, we have too. By embracing the latest technologies, we are capable of delivering more to our clients than ever before — expanding our breadth of services every year. And, because we invest so much in our employees, we are experts every step of the way. From design and e-commerce to mailing and warehousing — we do it all for you, so you have a safe, reasonable return on investment.

Products & Services

  • Advertising: our strategic advertising initiatives elevate your brand.
  • Print solutions: we develop, distribute and manage all of your print materials.
  • Supply Chain Solutions: our reliable supply chain management creates a lower cost of ownership.
  • Lab Media: we are your responsible partner for lab testing