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    Equity Atlas is a new breed of lender. As the first 100% worker-owned finance company, we believe in the power of fairness, honesty, humanity, and a growth mindset. These values are woven into our founding principles and fuel our mission to create a better financial world and improve the lives of our families and communities. We have no outside investors or absentee shareholders to please, so our talents and creative ideas are utilized to generate new strategies and fresh approaches that directly apply to your financial well-being, not to generate large profits for the institution. This means we tailor our loan programs to your needs with lower fees, lower rates and helpful insights. 

    With a focus on community, responsible finance automatically becomes important. Equity Atlas is developing new business designs modeled on community wealth, with a fresh approach to finance. By eliminating absentee shareholders, the value we generate within the organization moves horizontally—back into the community.

    Through strategic internal mandates, capped executive pay, and controlled margins we cultivate a new objective: delivering lower fees and rates as well as consumer-centric service. Our innovative, single-share ownership model further expands the distribution of wealth within the community by returning profits to the worker-owner. In these ways, Equity Atlas creates a balanced flow between financial freedom and corporate structure. 

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