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Connecting pipe. Connecting people.

Long Beach, CA

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    Established in 1991, Delta Pipeline has grown into a well-respected and recognized leader in the underground pipeline construction industry. Our foundation is built upon a leadership team with over 100 years of experience. We place great value in our relationships with our team members, trade partners and clients. It is through this combination of experience, professionalism and integrity that allows us to contribute, grow and lead the construction industry. Specializing in the installation of storm drain, sewer, water and fire lines, Delta Pipeline has successfully demonstrated its expertise over the years.


    Projects include construction and redevelopment of schools and medical buildings, along with retail, office and industrial space. Working in both the private and public sector, we continue to partner with developers, general contractors and municipalities throughout Southern and Central California to complete high quality projects in a safe, efficient and economical manner. In 2017, we proudly created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and became 100% employee owned! This landmark decision allowed Delta Pipeline to further establish meaningful benefits for recruitment, motivation and retention of our team members.


    The Delta team is prepared for optimal performance. Digging trench, connecting pipe and caring about each other’s safety is our job. Making sure every team member is committed to the same standard of integrity is what motivates and differentiates Delta Pipeline. We are passionate about developing our people through training, mentorship and team building. We understand the success of our projects start with the success of our people. We strive to complete projects on time and right the first time.


    100% Employee-Owned