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    Avail's mission is to retain customers for life by providing value through a balanced offering of superior products and services.

    We partner with our customers to create solutions with our enterprise transit management software. Founded in 1999, we’re a family-oriented staff that works hand-in-hand with transit professionals. By design, Avail has remained a mid-sized company that stays focused on providing cost-effective engineering services and cutting-edge technologies to our target market of transit operators with medium-sized fleets.

    This targeted approach is a huge benefit to our customers as it allows Avail to dedicate all of our resources to understanding the needs of these properties and ensures that we are the industry experts for transit operators of this size. To date, Avail is the only systems integrator that has limited our pursuits to a specific market segment. And the myAvail product offers the only enterprise level transit software solution. Our collective experience allows us to design, develop, and adopt technology solutions which provide the features and benefits to dramatically improve your daily operations and to enhance your rider’s experience.

    Today, we are recognized as the industry’s leading provider of ITS technology solutions for mid-sized transit operators throughout the United States. Because of our unique market focus, our dedicated team is firmly positioned to better serve you, the transit operator, by providing industry-leading products, proven engineering processes, and the highest degree of integrity possible.


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