The Alloy Engineering Company

Alloy Engineering is a diverse fabricator specializing in high-temperature and corrosion-resistant products. We are committed to helping customers raise productivity while achieving the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs.

Berea, OH

  • HIgh Temperature Alloy Fabrications
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    Since 1943 the Alloy Engineering Company has been an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality alloy equipment for high-temperature and corrosive industrial applications in installations around the world.

    Our reputation is built on a foundation of engineering, fabrication and high-temperature materials expertise in a variety of applications and industries.

    Over the years we have assumed responsibility for the management of entire complex fabricated alloy systems. Our capabilities are the result of working with customers throughout the world – wherever high-temperature, corrosion-resistant fabrications are needed.

    We believe customer satisfaction defines quality. As a full partner with customers in a quest to enhance their long-term success, our products and support capabilities are designed to achieve the lowest possible cost of fabrications maintenance and operations.

    We share our application know-how with customers and provide responsive, technical and logistical support of our products throughout their operational life.

    Products & Services

    • ·         Rotary & Continuous Retorts
    • ·         Washer Drums
    • ·         Convector Plates
    • ·         Diffuser Bases
    • ·         Fixtures and Baskets
    • ·         Furnace Bases
    • ·         Furnace Muffles
    • ·         High-Temperature Fans and High-Temperature Blowers
    • ·         Radiant Tubes 
    • ·         Recuperator tube bundles
    • ·         Inner Covers
    • ·         ASME Vessels / Heat Exchangers
    • ·         Trays
    • ·         Pickle Hooks


    100% Employee-Owned