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    In 1982, 501(c) Services established the first trust in the country – 501(c) Agencies Trust (formerly known as Joint Unemployment Compensation Trust) – to offer a safe way for nonprofits to legally stop paying the state unemployment insurance tax while still covering unemployment charges for former employees. We help nonprofit organizations save money! Nonprofits can legally opt-out of the state unemployment insurance system and use that money to reinvest in their organization.

    With more than 30 years of experience working exclusively with nonprofit organizations, 501(c) Services helps nonprofits pay only for their own unemployment claims and provides claims management. Our success is due to our hands-on, full service approach, coordinated by a fully staffed in-house team.

    We now offer a wide-range of programs for nonprofits including our Nonprofit HR Hotline, 501(c) Agencies Trust Group Retro Plan for Washington nonprofits, and the Boy Scouts of America Unemployment Plan. The program currently has almost 1,500 participants and saves those nonprofits an estimated $20 million annually.


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