Expanding Shop EO


Shop EO



Expanding Shop EO

Two weeks ago we launched Shop EO, the first-ever tool designed to help people find and shop at employee-owned businesses. The response from members and the employee ownership community has been overwhelmingly positive, with supportive messages emphasizing the major step forward in visibility for employee-owned businesses in America.

While our original vision for Shop EO was focused on consumers, the most common piece of feedback we received was from members interested in using the tool to find employee-owned partners. For example, one member shared, “I thought it would be cool to have a place to find EO companies so we could meet contractors, suppliers and vendors that are EO.”

Based on this feedback, we are proud to announce that we will expand Shop EO into the only complete directory of all employee-owned companies in America.

This will be a major endeavor to identify and code key information on every ESOP, Worker Cooperative, Employee Ownership Trust, and Direct Share Ownership company that meets our standards of significant and broad-based employee ownership. The result will be a valuable resource for our community that will help promote collaboration and partnership among employee-owned businesses.

Work will be ongoing, so check Shop EO regularly for updates!

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