Employee-Owned Spotlight: P.T. Services Rehabilitation

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Employee-Owners Cut Ribbon at 50th Anniversary Celebration

Certified EO is excited to spotlight P.T. Services Rehabilitation, a 100% employee-owned company offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and athletic training services in a variety of settings throughout Ohio. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in the town of Tiffin, Ohio, the company just celebrated its 50th anniversary of providing rehabilitative care at hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, industry, and specialty therapy services.

As a small practice founded by two physical therapists, P.T. Services Rehab through the decades has had to navigate major shifts in the industry while maintaining sustainable growth. As the company expanded, it added to its offerings of outpatient services and is now the exclusive provider of sports medicine services in many of its communities. With specializations in physical, occupational, and speech pathology therapy, P.T. Services Rehab treats its patients in a variety of settings, from pediatrics to elderly care.

In 2011, P.T. Services Rehab made a momentous shift by establishing its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), an ownership structure that is relatively rare throughout the country for companies offering rehabilitative health services. The ESOP allows all employees the opportunity to share in the success of the company by owning company shares themselves in their ESOP accounts, which can become more valuable with continued success, expansion of the company, and great customer service.

With a 100% ESOP that includes over 290 participants, P.T. Services Rehab differentiates itself from other healthcare companies by providing new hires the unique chance to become part-owners themselves, which helps align the incentives of performing well as a team member with the company’s overall advancement and development of a culture of ownership.

The diversity of the company’s staff is another area of strength. Women make up two-thirds of the leadership team along with 85% of active ESOP participants. For this year’s Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, P.T. Services Rehab acknowledged the strength of its majority-female workforce: “We have long promoted equality in the workplace and continue to recognize the importance of a work/life balance for our employees. We can proudly say that our organization is full of inspiring women helping our patients achieve their goals every day,” said Tammy Calhoun, Marketing Communications Coordinator for P.T. Services.

High-quality PT, OT, speech therapy, and athletic trainer services can be transformational for patients of all ages, including those with physical and developmental disabilities. With a keen understanding of the importance of their work, P.T. Services Rehab’s employee-owners practice the company’s mission of “Excellence in Motion” in their work with patients.

P.T. Services Rehabilitation became a Member of Certified EO in 2020. If you are a Certified EO Member and would like to see your company’s story featured in a future spotlight article, please contact your Membership Manager.

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